933E Excavator

Heavy duty rollers, reinforced idler frame and optional full track guard guarantee the integrity of our undercarriage. It’s this core strength that enables our customers to keep working and earning – around the clock.
ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) and FOPS (Falling Object Protection System) safeguard your most important asset: your operator in the toughest environment.
Visibility is key to protecting your operator and workers on site. The large glass surface area, increased by 15% on the E-series cab compared with our previous model, combined with the rear-view camera, provides an extraordinary view of the 933E’s surroundings.
Greater hydraulic flow and higher swing speeds combine to improve cycle times by 12% on tasks such as truck loading, digging, trenching and backfilling compared with our previous model.

Resource :

Gross Power (kW) 169
Net Power (kW) 156
Maximum Dig Depth (mm) 6406
Standard Bucket Capacity (m3) 2,0
Operating Weight (kg) 31800 ~ 32900