922E Excavator

Unmatched performance driven by the Cummins Engine enhances torque output with more power and breakout force at lower engine speeds.
Options for auxiliary hydraulic piping include bidirectional variable high flow line, an additional line for rotating attachments and also a single acting line. The quick coupler further ensures you get the most out of your machine by easily switching between a wide range of attachments to suit any application.
Ergonomically designed cab for LiuGong E series excavator, with great visibility, expansive room, new multi-function LCD monitor, automatic air conditioner, large storage space, provide most comfortable working environment.
Hydraulic request signals detect activity, decreasing and increasing engine speed as required. Power is supplied only as needed, achieving optimum fuel efficiency.
Outstanding stability and durability come from an X-type reinforced frame and the long track beam and crawler system

Resource :

Gross Power (kW) 124
Net Power (kW) 117
Maximum Dig Depth (mm) 6562
Standard Bucket Capacity (m3) 1,0
Operating Weight (kg) 22570